3 Ways to Manifest Through Self Talk

Manifest Through Self Talk

Can you manifest through self-talk? Yes, you can.  Manifestation is the process by which you focus on a goal to bring it to fruition, and without self-talk manifestation would not be possible. Paying attention to the way you talk to yourself gives you the ability to develop the self-confidence needed to put your dreams into action. You have to believe in order for manifestation to work.

You must believe in yourself, if you don’t it will be expressed in the things you say to yourself over and over again. Paying attention and changing your self-talk is necessary to create goals and bring them into reality. Being aware of the words you say to yourself helps to create an environment of can do, that leads to the action needed to manifest your dreams.
Pay attention to what you say when you are working toward your manifestation goals, and make sure to practice the following self-talk supports daily.

Memorize a Mantra or Quote every day

Repeat positive words of affirmation and support every day. Look for quotes or mantras that lean toward what you are trying to achieve, and support your actions to move forward. Repeating a quote or mantra over and over throughout the day tricks your thoughts and body response to have confidence and self-belief that you can do anything. This can be done by searching for positive quotes or downloading an app that would prompt you with positive affirming statements in the morning or throughout the day.

Play the Fair and Balanced Game.

Take notice of when you are not talking positively to yourself and what you are saying. Be aware and acknowledge moments of negativity, then immediately state the opposite, the positive side of the same coin. Everything has two sides, being aware of both your negative self-talk and positive supportive self-talk in the same moment is only fair.  Not only does this help to keep you motivated toward working on your dream manifestation it also rewires the brain to be able to handle stressful situations as they arise

Limit Negative News Daily

Last but not least of course, pay attention to the information you are absorbing every day.  Make sure you monitor the amount of negative information you are listening to and paying attention to.  Negative information creates our self-talk to respond defensively.  When we are in defense mode our self-talk is based on fear. Fear leads to a fight, flight, or freeze response. None of these responses will allow you to move forward into the next steps of manifesting your dreams.

In Conclusion

Practice these steps daily to change how you think and create the life you want.  If these practices are too difficult to start or maintain there may be something unconscious that is holding you back.  In that case counseling can help.  Uncovering unconscious thoughts that lead to anxiety and depression are the same thoughts that keep you stuck in the cycle of self-sabotage and inability to live the life you dream of.

Reach out if you would like to <a href=”https://animalassistedcounseling.net/contact”>schedule an appointment</a> to manifest your dreams or overcome negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behavior.

We are here to Listen.

Dr. Julie and Sadie Quinn