Do Dogs Dream?

"Do Dogs Dream? Unlocking the Mystery of Your Pup's Nighttime Adventures"

Sadie Says did you know that your dog dreams just like their human mate?  The evidence suggests that dogs do dream, and that their dreams are likely similar to our own.  Their dreams can involve a variety of experiences, such as chasing something, playing, or even reliving past experiences.  It is also thought that the content of a dog’s dream may be influenced by their daily experiences, as well as their breed and personality.

While we cannot know for sure what dogs are dreaming about, they are experiencing some sort of internal mental activity during their sleep.  Studies have shown that wen dogs are in a deep sleep, they enter the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, which is when humans and dogs experience their most vivid and intense dreams.
o, who knows when you see your furry friend move their paws, twitch their muscles, and make noises as if they are chasing something or playing maybe they are dreaming of the time they have spent with you.