Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Parenting can be tough, and Family Therapy can help. Each child has different wants, needs and expectations. Some children are rigid when it comes to change, while others undermine the family structure altogether, while others just shut down and get lost. Parenting does not come with a “how to” manual and it is heartbreaking when you see your child struggling.

If your child is struggling with peers, school, or at home we know you want to provide them with what is necessary to be respectful and responsible. Being a good parent is giving your child the support they need to become happy and resourceful.  When your child is struggling, knowing how to help takes support. Support so your child can act with confidence and self-worth.   When your child receives support parenting becomes less of a power to control struggle to being in a healthy relationship with your child.

We know you don’t want your child to struggle when there are answers to help.  Support your parenting by helping your child discover what you already know. That they are Great! Don’t waste precious time struggling with your child when you could be building beautiful memories.

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Dr. Juliann

Dr. Juliann Steinbeigle, LMHC, LCPC

“Sometimes the best medicine has four Paws and a wet nose.”