Addiction Therapy Chicago, IL & NW Indiana

At Animal Assisted Counseling of Indiana, we offer a compassionate, tailored approach to addiction therapy. We combine traditional counseling techniques with the healing power of animal-assisted therapy to support your journey toward recovery.

Meet Kimberly Keon and Darling: your Partners in Recovery

Kimberly is a skilled therapist specializing in addiction therapy. With a deep belief in meeting clients where they are, she integrates animal-assisted therapy to offer a unique and effective path to healing and self-discovery.

Supporting Recovery with Canine Companions

In our addiction therapy sessions, therapy dogs provide a comforting presence, offering support and tranquillity to assist individuals on their path to recovery. These canine companions help create a supportive atmosphere conducive to healing and personal growth.

"Sometimes the Best Medicine is a Dog who Believes Their Love Will Heal You."

- Dr.Juliann Steinbeigle

Strengthening Resilience and Personal Growth

Our sessions focus on resilience and personal growth, with therapists and therapy dogs helping individuals in addiction recovery to overcome challenges and build a stronger sense of self.

The Role of Canine Therapy Partners in Addiction Recovery: