Family Therapy Chicago, IL & NW Indiana

Our furry companions facilitate communication and trust within the family, creating a safe space for healing and growth. Through their presence, we strengthen family bonds and promote emotional resilience, fostering a nurturing environment for all.

Canine-Assisted Therapy: Strengthening Family Bonds Through Therapy

Family therapy offers a safe and supportive environment for families to address challenges, improve communication, and strengthen relationships. At Animal Assisted Counseling of Indiana (AACI), our compassionate therapists and our canine therapy partners are dedicated to helping families thrive.

Nurturing Family Connections with Canine Companions

AACI integrates the soothing presence of therapy dogs into our family therapy sessions. These canine companions provide comfort, support, and a sense of calm, creating an atmosphere where families can connect and heal together.

"Sometimes the Best Medicine is a Dog who Believes Their Love Will Heal You."

- Dr.Juliann Steinbeigle

Building Resilience and Harmony

Our family therapy sessions focus on building resilience, enhancing communication skills, and fostering harmony within the family unit. With the support of our compassionate therapists and therapy dogs, families can overcome challenges and create a stronger, more cohesive bond.

The Importance of Canine Therapy Partners: