Animal Assisted Therapy in North West Indiana

Counseling For Depression, Anxiety and Addiction

Discover Animal Assisted Counseling

Animal-assisted counseling uses dogs to aid in the recovery of mental health conditions.

The presence of these animals has been shown to positively affect both physical and psychological aspects of treatment.

Our counseling services in North West Indiana collaborate with certified Canine Therapy Animals.

"Sometimes the Best Medicine is a Dog who Believes Their Love Will Heal You."

- Dr.Juliann Steinbeigle

Our Services

Adult Therapy

Are you experiencing depression and anxiety? We can help individuals overcome these emotions and behaviors that contribute to feeling overwhelmed and sad. If you feel tired, defeated, lonely, or misunderstood, and struggle with racing thoughts and difficulty sleeping, there is a way to change.
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Teen Therapy

Teen depression and anxiety are prevalent mental health disorders among teenagers, with approximately one in eight experiencing depression and one in three experiencing anxiety each year. If not addressed, these disorders can have significant long-term effects on their development and overall well-being.
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Family Therapy

Parenting can be challenging, and Family Therapy can provide support. Each child has unique needs and expectations, with some being resistant to change and others becoming disconnected. It is difficult to navigate parenting without a guide, and it is painful to witness your child's struggles.
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How is it Different From Traditional Therapy?

Animal-assisted therapy is a form of therapy that shares similarities with traditional therapy. In this approach, an animal is present to provide comfort to the patient. The presence of an animal in the therapy room has been found to help patients relax and become more open to discussing difficult topics. The animal acts as a welcomed unconditional support, creating a safe environment for therapy sessions.

Meet our dynamic duos: Therapist & Canine Partner

Dr. Julie & Sadie

Mental health therapist in North West Indiana treats patients with anxiety and depression in partnership with a canine co- therapist. Dr. Julie is an experienced licensed mental health clinical therapist. She has helped thousands of patients overcome depression and anxiety by exploring root causes. Dr. Julie’s goal is to help others find strength and well-being with the assistance of her canine therapy partner, Sadie.

Meet Sadie Quinn, a St. Bernard born in Cabool, MO on Aug 19, 2017. She works as a canine therapy partner and passed her first obedience training in May 2018. Sadie loves greeting clients and may lean into you or lay her head on your lap to provide support and comfort. Research has shown that her presence in therapy sessions can help people overcome depression and anxiety.

Kimberly, LMHC, LCAC & Darling

Kimberly has been working in Mental Health and Addiction since 2019. She has experience in different settings like inpatient residential, intensive outpatient, group psychotherapy, and outpatient individual therapy. Kimberly is licensed as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Addiction Counselor in Indiana. She also holds certifications with the National Board of Certified Counselors, ICCADA, and NADDAC. Kimberly helps clients identify their strengths and resilience in their mental health journey.

Darling Louise is a 7-year-old mixed breed adopted from the Humane Society of Chicago. She loves people and is friendly and affectionate. She completed AKC, and CGC trainings and enjoys greeting people with a wagging tail and a smile. She may lay next to you, or ask you for head or belly scratches to welcome you.

“Dogs Will Teach You Unconditional Love, Even For Yourself”

- Kimberly, LMHC, LCAC

We specialize in Anxiety, Depression and Addiction

Our animal-assisted counseling sessions are conducted by licensed therapists trained in CCAAC. Therapists work with a canine co-therapist, carefully matched to patients’ preferences and needs.

Dr. Julie Steinbeigle, a licensed therapist with over 20 years of experience, treats anxiety and depression patients. She has helped thousands uncover the root causes of their issues. Her mission is to aid others in finding personal strength and well-being, in collaboration with her therapy dog, Sadie.

Kimberly, a licensed Clinical Mental Health and Addiction Counselor, has been in the field since 2019. She brings experience from various therapeutic settings to AACI. Her approach focuses on identifying client’s strengths and resilience in their mental health journey.

Meet Sadie
Our Canine Co-Therapist

Meet Margo, Our Practice Manager

Margo is the practice manager for AACI, responsible for appointment scheduling, billing, and counseling process inquiries. She has experience in guiding clients through treatment services and offers caring support. Margo is available for any questions or concerns. She is also a proud pet owner of two bulldogs named Seymour and Audrey.