Adult Counseling

Adult Counseling

Help with Anxiety, Depression

Are you depressed or anxious? Does it feel like you are living groundhogs’ day with the same disappointing and difficult situations playing over and over? Feelings of sadness, loneliness, being misunderstood, constant negative and self-defeating thoughts replay over and over make it seems like getting past anxiety and depression will never happen.  Worry and concern, emptiness and being scared are awful emotional feelings that lead to behaviors that create personal hardships and relationship difficulties. But there is a way to be less anxious, overwhelmed, depressed and lonely.

AACI works with individuals that experience depression and anxiety. AACI helps individuals overcome the emotions and behaviors that continue to recycle and create feelings of being overwhelmed, and sad. Do you know how this feels?  Do you feel sad, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious? Have tried to change and end up feeling tired, defeated, lonely, or misunderstood? Does your heart race, do you feel tense, do your thoughts continue without stopping? Do you have a hard time sleeping because you are always thinking of what you could have done, should have done, or wish never would have happened? We would hate for this to continue for you when there is a way to change.

Entering therapy takes courage. Courage comes from building self-confidence by making small changes. Small change comes when you are willing to explore options and make moves that will enhance your life.  If you are struggling with anxiety, or depression we are here for you. Moving past depression and anxiety takes place through exploration of held beliefs and formed perceptions. Changing your mind takes strength, support and practice. This change will decrease depression and anxiety and influence everything and everyone in your life.

If you are looking to move past depression and anxiety that continues to re-cycle and hold you back from living life, a life that you want and deserve, we look forward to working with you.  Together we can address how you feel and change the emotional discomfort of anxiety and depression. Take charge of your life today. Make today the day you change.

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I look forward to working with you.

Counseling will allow you to:

Feel less anxious

Feel less depressed

Feel more loved

Feel less overwhelmed

Feel more secure

Feel less lonely

Feel better about your choices

Have healthier relationships

Repair past life events

Change limiting self-beliefs

Feel more joy

Be happier

You need to love yourself fully without condition before you can accept the gifts life has to offer.

We wish you a life filled with joy and abundance!

Dr. Juliann & Sadie (canine therapy partner)
Animal Assisted Counseling of Indiana (AACI)

Dr. Juliann Steinbeigle, LMHC, LCPC
“The best therapist has fur and four Paws